Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oops. I did it again ...

owl locket - Etsy / watch - Fossil (buy similar) / bracelets - Express / Xhilaration dress - Target 
Mossimo cardigan - Target /  Sam & Libby Priscilla boots - DSW (buy) / scarf - World  Market

I tried not to wear teal again today, I really did. First I had on a different dress with a purple grandpa cardigan. Then I had on this dress with the same cardigan. Then I switched the cardigan out for a cropped bright red (almost orange) jacket. I liked that for a while, long enough to walk Elwood while wearing it, but then I decided that it was too much for work. So then I tried my dolman sweater -- in the same color as the aforementioned jacket -- and wasn't fond of that, either. So teal it is.

Oh, and speaking of Elwood, he was staring at me the entire time I took my photos this morning. I don't think he liked that I moved his crate to the kitchen so that I could use his space.

xo, Kellie


  1. Where did you get your tights? I'm still looking for ones that are thick and long enough for my tall body..
    Oh, that Elwood! <3 him --Jess

  2. I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure they came from Target. They're footless, so they're probably kinder to taller humans than tights with feet would be. - K