Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Let Me Recant ...

I probably should have complained about the weather sooner. A single rainstorm has swept away the balmy 85 degree weather and blown in a chilly 50 degree winter wonderland. I have a couple of ways to celebrate this shift: 

- My new boots! I was coveting a Nine West pair, but found a very similar set of kicks at Target for $40.00. Can you guess which is which?

-What my grandma calls a "hot toddy." While I have several recipes, my current cozy comfort is this easy concoction:

Irish Apple
Bring a kettle of water to boil. To a medium-sized coffee cup, add a shot (or more, it's a personal preference) of Jameson, or any other Irish whiskey. Mix in a packet and a half of sugar-free apple cider mix and 2 teaspoons of sugar-free caramel syrup (also to taste). Pour over about 10 oz of the water and stir. Enjoy!!

Enjoy the cold nights!

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