Born and raised in south Florida, I moved to Jacksonville in 2004 for college and never looked back. While at UNF I studied journalism, worked as the assistant director of our school's student activities board, booked a few concerts here and there, and interned with aXis Magazine and Productions in Orlando. Now I've got a bachelor's degree in communications and I still work at UNF ... As an assistant catering director.

As far as my style goes, it's still growing. When I first started working in a position that didn't require me to wear a uniform my version of "business casual" was a pair of boring dress pants and a plain black quarter sleeve shirt. I've come quite a way since then, and I hope to go even further. The thing I love about the fashion blogging community is that we're all learning from each other and inspiring each other's style!

Things I love: Coke Icees, crafting, Hot & Spicy Cheez-Its, Jack Kerouac, owls, purple, shopping, vintage cars, The X-Files

PS - I love my job, and we have a blog, too! Check out In Any Event Catering if you're a cater nerd like me.♥ 

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