Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas 2011 Wish List

1. Rose gold tone Fossil watch - I've already got a similar one in silver and I wear it all the time and get complimented on it all the time!
2. Victoria's Secret Essential V-Neck Tee - I already own these tees in red, green and blue, and I LOVE them. I sleep in them, play in them, shop in them ... I would go to work in them, if I could!
3. John Frieda Sleek Finish flat iron - I've had the same flat iron since my junior year of college (which was 2006-2007, you do the math) and have been wanting a new one for some time now. I spotted this one in Real Simple magazine. It heats up in 15 seconds, and it's less than $50!
4. Style by Lauren Conrad - I'm not a big fan of reality TV drama, but I greatly admire Lauren and think she has fantastic style!
5. Cool by Ralph Lauren - This is MY SCENT! Friends of mine smell it on me and tell me how well I wear it, and I've been told by old friends that they think of me whenever they smell this scent. The problem? It was discontinued a few years ago and is now super hard to find. Mr. Lauren, could you find it in your heart to bring back my signature scent?
6. Cropped black blazer - I've got a blush colored blazer, but there is still a hole in my closet where a black one should be!
That's what I'm hoping to find under the tree. How about you?
xo, Kellie

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