Monday, December 19, 2011

Gift Guide: For a Sailor

Gift Guide: For a Sailor 
Last Christmas was also the last week that I spent with Matt before he left for deployment, so some of the gifts that I bought for him were with his impending departure in mind. I also learned what things I could send to him on the ship that he would enjoy -- so much so that I apparently developed the reputation of being one of the best deployment girlfriends. Score! From left to right: 

1. Harley Davidson t-shirts: Matt really likes getting Harley shirts from different cities that he's been too, but it doesn't necessarily need to be limited to Harley Davidson. While he was on deployment I went to the Florida Music Festival, where we had met the year before, and got him a funny festival t-shirt that I sent to him. 

2. iPod Nano: I actually bought Matt and iPod for his first birthday that we celebrated together, but I was told that it was a huge lifesaver while he was on the ship. Load it up with music that you know your guys likes, make a playlist of some of your favorite songs that you think he'll like, and not only do you have a somewhat pricey gift that he's going to be impressed that you sprung for, but it will also be personalized.

3. Jack Link's beef jerky: Matt loves beef jerky, I'm pretty sure most guys do. The resealable, non-perishable packs of dried meat are perfect because you don't have to worry about them spoiling if they're exposed to any extreme temperatures during shipping.

4. Men's Health Magazine: Men's Health is one of Matt's favorite magazines, so while he was gone I would buy a copy each time a new issue came out, read through it, and leave little Post-It notes with my own commentary on the articles. I may have also drawn a mustache and devil ears on Matthew McConaughey.

5. Photo album: One of my Christmas presents to Matt last year was a photo album full of pictures of us together. I made sure to pick one in nondescript, masculine colors, so that he wouldn't be ashamed to keep it in sight.

6. Resistance bands: Matt actually bought a set of these for himself, but I share this gift ideas in the hopes that another girl out there can impress their guy. If your guy is on a ship (or in barracks) it's likely that he doesn't have a lot of workout space. Resistance bands can be used just about anywhere, and you also get the bonus of having a muscly guy when he returns from deployment!

I wish I could share some of the gifts for Matt that are on their way for Christmas this year! Alas, he looks at this blog, like, once a month, so I wouldn't want to give anything away.

xo, Kellie

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