Monday, July 9, 2012

Style Blocked

bracelets - Delia's, Express, Forever 21, JC Penny
belt - Delia's / Calvin Klein button-down - Marshalls / Bullhead shorts - PacSun
O'Neil flip flops - Aqua East

I know things have been a bit quiet around my corner of the internet. At the risk of this becoming a "pity me, my life is so hard" post, I will give you a brief list of what's been going on:

1. I got an order for 48 necklaces to be completed before a hatching festival in August.
2. Matt got back from three weeks of being underway.*
3. Matt was underway for three weeks.*
4. As soon as Matt got back we moved, unpacked our new place, and had a 4th of July party.

*Numbers two and three are both very different, I assure you.

On top of all of the craziness, my drive to blog and my inspiration to put together an outfit that (in my opinion) is worth photographing has sort of gone out the window. I need to do something to reset my brain, and shopping isn't much of an option at the moment. (Is it just me, or is moving freaking expensive?!)

With all that being said, I plan to head home today to my new (tiny!) closet, pull out some items, and do an old-fashioned 30 for 30 remix. I've been waiting for another one to be announced, but I realize that Miss Kendi has her plate pretty full these days.

Thanks for sticking around.

xo, Kellie

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  1. Sometimes you have to take time to regroup. And, yes, moving is freaking expensive.