Tuesday, July 10, 2012

EBEW: Colorblocking

necklace - gift (buy similar)
bracelet - JC Penney (buy similar)
George cami - Walmart (buy similar)
Mossimo dress - Target (buy)
jacket - Forever 21 (buy similar)
Mossimo flats - Target (buy)

Lessons I learned from my first outdoor photo shoot: The natural sunlight makes colors pop, but it also makes me squint. Also, photos need to be taken quickly because mosquitoes are a threat and sweating sets in almost immediately.

See more colorblocked outfits here.

xo, Kellie

Color Blocking: Everbody, Everywear


  1. LOL, taking pictures outside is an adventure, for sure! I will be outside for like 3 minutes to get a pic, and come back in covered in mosquito bites! But I think it is worth it for the natural light!

  2. I definitely like how the colors turned out today compared to how they've been in the past. However, my new place backs up to a marsh, so literally the second I walk outside I become a meal!

  3. Great outfit! I love your dress. These are cute pictures! I love shooting in natural light, though it can be a bit bright sometimes!