Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dots & Denim

bracelets - Delia's, Express, Forever 21, JC Penny (buy similar JCP bracelet) / Merona belt - Target
Calvin Klein shirt - Marshalls / Salt Works jeans - TJ Maxx / O'Neil flip flops - Aqua East

Since starting this blog I have put the most effort into styling outfits for work, and casual outfits were more of an afterthought. Granted, 75 percent of my week is spent in work clothes, but that other 25 percent of the time is when the most creativity is allowed. There are no rules holding back my casual outfits (aside from the ones I make for myself), therefore I should be more enthusiastic about having fun with my off-the-clock ensembles. Now that my work wardrobe is more built up I think I'll have an easier time overcoming that mental voice that says "that item of clothing can't be used as part of your work wardrobe, you shouldn't buy it," and that will hopefully result in well-planned outfits 100 percent of the time.

xo, Kellie

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