Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blog Crush: Kendi Everyday

Jessica already beat me to the punch by featuring Kendi as one of her blog crushes months ago, but I really wanted to talk about her as my second blog crush.

First there was Boy Howdy Daily, the blog that inspired me to start style blogging in the first place. But then I discovered Kendi, and things really took off. Not long after Jessica and I started blogging, Kendi hosted her most recent 30 for 30 remix. I took it on only planning to do a 30 for 15 since I was new to style blogging, and brand new to remixing. I ended up completing an entire 30 for 30, and the experience changed the way I get dressed, how I look at my closet, and how I shop. I get so much inspiration from Kendi's outfits, and through her 30 for 30 as well as other words of wisdom she has imparted through her posts I have become less of an impulse shopper, and more of a closet curator, building a cohesive wardrobe that works with me, not against me.

And now she has a boutique and gets to sell clothes as her day job. I hope that someday my days, too, will consist of putting together cute outfits, spending time outside in beautiful scneery with my husband for photo shoots, and then heading off to work at my shop, where I am my boss. Excuse me while I go daydream ...

xo, Kellie

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