Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Vacation To-Do List

Being the Virgo, organizing freak that I am, I naturally felt the need to have a plan for my holiday vacation. My vacation started yesterday and I'm off until January 2nd, and I want to be productive but also log some good relaxation time. 

One of the ladies from work put a jewelry order in with me for five pieces. I've finished and given her two of them, because she needed them before Christmas, but I still have three bracelets to finish for her before I head back to work. And speaking of work, I want to have at least a week's worth of work outfits planned out before my vacation ends. If I manage to get more than a week of outfits together, even better.

I have a hard time appreciating my time off sometimes and slowing down to just relax, so taking it easy is an actual item on my list. Elwood and I have already gotten the hang of nap time on the couch, and I've been working on watching all of the episodes of Angel on Netflix. I plan to have the entire show watched by January 2nd!

I have a couple of necklace ideas bouncing around in my head that I really want to get to work on and get posted in my shop. I try not to talk about my shop too much on the blog because I don't want our readers to think that I'm just here to sell my wares, but I will say this: The things that I make and list in my shop are things that I myself would wear, and often do. A lot of times a jewelry idea will come to me out of a desire for something to accessorize a specific outfit. 

I also have a huge pile of magazines that I plan to work through during my vacation. I used to have a hard time getting rid of magazines after I read them, especially if they had ideas or information in them that I wanted to hang on to. But now I have a system: I tear out the pages I want to keep or write the information down in my handy notebook, work my way through the magazine, then toss it. I'm big on not hanging on to things these days, clutter is the enemy!

So that's my plan of attack for the next week-and-a-half. Am I a crazy over-planning control freak for feeling the need to map out my down time?

(Don't answer that.)

xo, Kellie

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