Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gift Guide: The Hard-To-Buy-For Guy

I happened to fall in love with a guy who is incredibly difficult to buy for; luckily, my dad is the same way so I've had 25 years to become an expert at wheedling out that elusive Perfect Gift. How? Through 365 days of sleuthing. By keeping in mind that I'm looking for the perfect present, I always have one ear open for any hints these picky guys may drop (whether they even realize it or not). This year, I knew by May what I was going to be getting James this year (and have at least 4 ulcers from trying to keep the secret!). Every picky guy is different, but here are some foolproof ideas.

1. Electronics: Every guy loves electronics. You may say, “Oh, no, Kevin really is more of a book person.” Balderdash! An Xbox, a new iPod, the 3-D Nintendo, or any variant of some awesome electronic is a sure bet for the picky guy. Just stop at buying games. Just because James tolerates Glee with me, and endures my painful rendition of “Unchained Melody” crooned into my hairbrush, does NOT mean that Karaoke Revolution Glee will be a good gift.

2. Hobby-Specific Items: James likes to cook and read comics, my dad likes music and the outdoors. It's fun to get them little things that apply to their various hobbies that they normally wouldn't spend the money on. This is what I focused on this year, so forgive me for not sharing my present ideas :)

3. Man Gifts: Be it cologne, whiskey, or slippers, indulgent gifts (that don't have to cost a ton). While Old Spice is a classic for men of all ages, Diesel makes some very manly scents. Whether or not your guy is a drinker, a monogrammed decanter and matching glasses is a much-appreciated gift.

4. Coupon Book: My grandma always says the most valuable gift you can give someone is your time. When I'm super stuck on gifts, I give coupons for my time. Whether they are coupons for car washes, laundry, yard chores, back rubs, or not talking during a comic-book movie, your guy will surely appreciate the thought. 

Good Luck!! --Jessica

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