Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tights. Purple tights.

freshwater pearl necklace - gift from the Phillipines / Asian bangle - World Market (buy similar)
watch - Fossil (buy similar) / Mossimo dress - Target / cardigan - Maurices / tights - Express (buy)
Sam & Libby Priscilla boots - DSW (buy)

I thought I was Little Miss Smarty Pants. Yesterday I posted my Halloween costume from Saturday, and I was going to post my outfit from yesterday today, and my outfit from today tomorrow, and so on, basically keeping myself an outfit ahead (you know, in case of emergency). But when I pulled up yesterday's outfit photos and saw how frumpy I looked, all of my plans were laid to waste.

But this way you get to see my awesome purple tights a day earlier! I was just a little hesitant to wear them to work today, but I figured that the black cardigan, belt and boots toned down the brightness of my legs enough that my ensemble would be deemed acceptable. I haven't gotten any strange looks in reaction to my outfit (that I've noticed), so I think I'm in the clear.

I have also decided that my new, flat boots are more suitable for work than my old, wedge boots. I'll reserve the wedges for bar hopping and motorcycle rides.

xo, Kellie

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  1. Love that red dress! And the necklace complements well with it. Lovely outfit, eh.

    Cathy@Types of Fabrics According to Applications