Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Four Dollars??

I was watching one of my kids today, and after frolicking through the park we went shoe shopping. (She's 2 and 2/3, I figure it's best to train her early.) It was just Famous Footwear, which is generally hit or miss, but today was a hit. I went in looking for brown boots, which I did not find --I'll be off to DSW for those-- but I found a pair of gray oxfords on sale for $4. 

I have been completely ambivalent to the oxford trend, except to admire those celebs who don the shoe, but I could not help scooping these up. Thank my mother; this is not the first thing I own just because it was on sale (the Target One-Spot is my crack). I'm saying I'll take pics of some of my outfits in my new shoes, but it's likely I'll get caught up with work and school. So here are a few other people in their oxfords:

Hope everyone is enjoying fall!!

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