Saturday, October 22, 2011


beaded bracelet - Express (buy) / Asian bangle - World Market (buy similar)
watch - Fossil (buy similar) / earrings - Maurices / Audrey top - Wolfgang
Mossimo cardigan - Target (buy) / Mossimo capris - Target / Mossimo wedges - Target (buy)

Thursday night I put together an outfit that was questionable for work. This is nothing new for me, I've been testing the limits at work for months now and have yet to find out where the line is drawn between appropriate and inappropriate for work. My dad would say "if you have to ask if it's appropriate for work, it's not appropriate" to one of his employees, but I prefer to walk a finer line. I live on the edge, baby!

Anyway, back to Thursday night. I had an outfit picked out for Friday that consisted of a cropped white faux leather jacket that I bought at the end of winter earlier this year. I probably would have gotten away with it, but I decided to go a more subdued route. My top by itself would not have been good for work since the sleeves and top of the back are all lace, but throw a cardigan over it and I was good to go! You last saw the top here when Jess and I had girls' night at the Pearl.

I went boot hunting this morning and found (what I hope is) a work-appropriate pair. I'm wearing them tonight, so I'll report back later how that goes!

xo, Kellie

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