Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bye bye, Bakers.

 Jess and I (along with the very awesome Lisa) hit up the Pearl last night for some drinks and dancing. Years ago when we first started heading out to this bar we would wear shorts or denim skirts and tank tops and considered that "dressing up." Oh, young naivete! We've since learned to step things up a bit, and now a big part of why I still enjoy going out is the getting dressed up to go out! 

Before I headed downtown last night I hit up a bar in Jacksonville Beach to catch my friends in Rebels and Rogues, so I needed an outfit that would work in both atmospheres. Jeans seemed an obvious choice, and if I'm wearing jeans it's almost always my dark wash Gap skinny jeans. I paired my denim with a top that I picked up at Wolfgang -- I love this shirt because it combines an edgy black and magenta pattern with feminine lace. I didn't want to drown out the shirt with too much jewelry so I accessorized with my Forever 21 statement necklace and a big sparkly ring. I have no idea of the origins of this ring, it was turned in to the Pearl bartenders one night and never claimed, so they turned it over to me. Thanks, boys! I wore simple black Volcom flip flops for the show and switched them out for my pink Bakers heels when I got downtown.

Sadly, last night was my last time with these amazing shoes as they have started to wear out. We had some good times together, I had a gay guy at the bar once tell me that I "need to teach people how to buy shoes" because he liked my heels so much, and they have earned me many more compliments over the years. In honor of the pink Bakers, I would like to have a moment of silence for them:


Well, you haven't heard the last of me for today. As I type I am waiting for my laundry to finish up so that I can post my 30 items for the 15 for 30 remix!

Until later!
xo, Kellie

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  1. I vote you just mend them with some fluorescent pink duct tape!! They are too cute to retire!