Sunday, August 7, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

My apologies for a longer-than-usual absence! With Matt getting back last Wednesday, running errands to get the apartment in order, and still having to work Thursday through Sunday, life has been just a wee bit hectic.

Craziness aside, I still managed to capture a few images from the weekend.

We had our first dinner together in the apartment Friday night. We're still lacking in the dining furniture department, so my footlocker served as a dining-room table and the floor as our chairs. I made Mexican stuffed peppers and got to enjoy a glass of wine that was brought to me from France. Pretty awesome, huh? Those flowers were also from Matt, he had them in hand when he got off the boat on Wednesday.

Kirra tank - Marshalls / Lush high-waist shorts - Wolfgang (buy similar)
gladiator sandals - Target (buy similar) / leaf charm from a Target necklace (buy similar)
Asian bangle - World Market (buy similar) / Greek key bracelet - re-gifted by Matt (buy similar)

I didn't think to snap any pictures on Saturday, but in a nutshell we went to an arts market in downtown Jacksonville, went to my favorite shop in the historic district, picked up some new clothes for Matt at the mall, and picked out a couch. We're so excited to have a couch, you have no idea!

The shorts pictured in my outfit came from Wolfgang. I bought a pair of linen black shorts from Forever 21 last week to wear to the pier for Matt's homecoming, but the darn things were wrinkled and sagging in the rear by noon. I know better than to expect high quality from F21, but I think I redeemed myself with the Wolfgang pair.

Sunday was slightly less hectic, a couple of stops at the St. John's Town Center and an early dinner at Mimi's Cafe. We stopped in at West Elm where there was an entire wall display of owls. Sadly we left without one, but I made sure to mention that I still need three or four more owls to complete my collection.

Off to watch a movie and get to bed to so we can wake up for our couch delivery in the morning!

xo, Kellie


  1. Yay boyfriend! And even though I know how much you've been spending on the new place lately, I'm still surprised one of those little owls didn't finagle its way into your home.
    I like the trunk, btw. It's been your best roommate :) --Jess

  2. That trunk really HAS been my best roommate, we were actually just talking about how many different uses it has served. Right now it is acting as a tv stand until Matt brings his entertainment console back from Indy! - K

    PS - It killed me to walk out of there without one of those owls. They were SO cute!