Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Name Tag Day

floral dress - Urban Outfitters (buy similar) / pencil skirt - Marshalls (buy similar)
mid-heel pumps - Payless (buy) / necklace - Windsor (buy) / watch - Fossil (buy) / name tag - work issue

Today was a name tag day. Uber important tasting for the VP of UNF in the morning, just as important dinner for managers from other units in our region in the evening. I explained as much to one of the janitors in our building when he asked why I was dressed up, and he told me I was "representin!'" I thrive on outfit compliments, they're like sunshine!

Stay sunny!

xo, Kellie

PS - This is another dress disguised as a shirt!


  1. The "Why are you so dressed up?" question actually peeves me because it can be a backhanded compliment. Why don't people just make a statement instead? "You look great today" would suffice (and stop me from getting revenge by answering a question with another question: "why are you so dressed down today?"). Did I mention you look polished and chic?

  2. I think the same time sometimes when I get those compliments. But then I feel better when some of the folks I work with tell me I'm the only manager they've ever had who "dresses for work." I guess some people just haven't learned the art of tact just yet! And thank you for the non-backhanded compliment! - K