Monday, July 25, 2011

There's no huff and puff could dismantle us.

Last night I saw Bayside. They are my favorite band, and despite some very stupid, young girls that threatened to ruin my night (or just make me lose my temper) I had an awesome time. I feel older every time I go to shows nowadays, and the youth of these girls may have contributed to my annoyance with them, but it was mostly the fact that they seemed to think that manners weren't necessary at a punk rock show that bothered me. But enough about that.

Today I wore my first post-remix purchase! Despite finishing my remix on Monday of last week, I didn't actually buy anything until Friday. Shopping was kind of weird after a month of being away from it. I'm already noticing a much more cautious shopper in myself, when I look at items I think of how they'll fit into the rest of my closet, and I mentally style items in my head to decide whether I can even work with them. I decided that this piece could be versatile. It's a light, breezy cotton that's great for summer, and when the temperatures drop a bit I can put a blazer over it. I still need to find a pink blazer, by the way ...

I bought one other item on Friday, I'll show it to you tomorrow. For now, here's my favorite Bayside song:

xo, Kellie

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