Sunday, June 26, 2011

Let's Get Proactive!

I thought I'd use a little study break to take pictures of my outfit from last Monday, and then go ahead and take a pic of tomorrow's outfit. 
This is one of my go-to dresses (3); I had another outfit planned but ruined it in a dancing-while-putting-on-liquid-foundation incident. So I tossed this dress from Target on (I'm sure every girl has one, I happen to have a few in different colors), with a glass and bead necklace from my very first post, fuchsia flower earrings, and a red headband (my hair was down, too). I also wore a charming bracelet with my big gold watch, and jingled all through class.

I'm wearing this outfit (5) tomorrow for my first test of the week. As mentioned in a previous post, I like to look really snazzy for tests, as it always makes me a little more confident. This is a top from Loft and black shorts from Banana Republic. It's going to be super hot tomorrow, so the shorts are a must. I added the same little charm bracelet, a mauve pearl necklace, and my fish necklace from Forever 21.

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