Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ash Wednesday

No, it's not already that time of year again. And no, I'm not walking around with soot on my forehead. I'm not even Catholic. But I did find ash in my hair today, as well as on my dress, on my car, and if someone were to check, probably in my lungs. Apparently the folks up in Georgia ticked off Mother Nature because she sent in some thunderstorms to set fire to the countryside and then took away all of the rain so they wouldn't have any water to put them out. And Georgia has been generously sending some of the smoke down to northeast Florida. Aren't they polite with all the sharing and whatnot?

Anyway, my outfit today was a poor choice in retrospect. Black dress + wedges + two catering deliveries = Kellie loading electrical hotboxes onto a lift gate while simultaneously looking super cute and sweating profusely. But I made it through!

I paired my wonderful black Loft dress (with pockets, thank goodness!) with an animal print belt that I picked up from Target yesterday. I mentioned in my last post that I was searching for a camel belt to match my camel Aerosoles wedges, and this is the best I have managed to do so far. I almost bought a nude Betsey Johnson belt from Marshalls, but then I remembered that my nude wedges were not one of my 30 for 15 items. *sigh*

I accessorized with a gold Betsey Johnson bracelet from forever ago that I dug out of some black hole the other day, and a handmade black, gold and turquoise bracelet. My idea was to wear the second bracelet in order to work a pop of color into my outfit, but I'm not sure if it worked. Oh well!

I shall leave you all with a video that I felt was fitting, this song has been in my head all day. Just replace "Los Angeles with "Georgia" and it will all make sense.

xo, Kellie

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