Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How Goes the Zoe

My 30 for 15 debut, unfortunately, has taken a backseat to my being sick. So while I don't have the energy to get that going, I thought I'd be productive while sitting on the couch watching Bravo (oh, those Housewives and their siren call...). 
If you've missed the initial post, I'm taking the fabulous Rachel Zoe's 20 Must-Have Excessories for Under $200 and trying to find the pieces from my wardrobe or at a college-student-friendly price. 

Rachel listed these Juicy striped sun hats, $78. Though gorgeous, def out of my price range! I found a chocolate brown alternative at Target for $13. 
A note: though Rachel's hats have stripes, I went with a more demure option. Why? My height does not always limit my style options (see post "It's a Man's World") but a big hat in a big print on 5 feet 9 inches is just not a good idea. Shorter, svelter girls can hat their butts off (: 

 Another piece I was looking for was a "notice-me necklace". Rachel's choice is a $195 Philip Lim piece. My choice is one of Kellie's handmade pieces-- it will match nearly everything I own and can dress up a lot of my outfits. The price? A cool $5 (friend's discount!). Find more pieces like this on her Etsy site

Off to have some soup, looking forward to my 30 for 15 beginning! --Jessica Sunshine

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  1. Don't be mad, I switched out the picture of my necklace with a better version. (The one that is soon to be around your neck!) -K