Saturday, May 12, 2012

Friday Saturday Faves

Remember on Thursday when I said that I was dealing with some blog burnout and looking for ways to be more forgiving of myself for not posting every single day? I suppose that part of that involves being okay with posting my Friday Faves on a Saturday!

As a self-described anal-retentive, this organization post made my day:
(image from A Beautiful Mess)

This "Time to Create" box from Andrea of For the Love Of ... is awesome!
(image from Making it Lovely)

Some much-needed weekend wear inspiration:
(image from What I Wore)

And in my life ...
a dessert we served at work last week / a necklace design I really want to try
an Etsy print to hang in our home when my name changes / anniversary wine and lilies

Happy weekend!

xo, Kellie

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