Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pinspiration 10

I go through phases where outfit inspiration is incredibly hard to come by and everything in my closet seems unappealing. What in the world did we do before Pinterest when these phases struck? While browsing my Style Inspiration pin board this collage popped out at me because I have very similar pieces to the ones that make up the core of this outfit: Earth-colored top, black blazer, denim (or denim-colored) pants, and leopard shoes. I switched out the leopard flats for black, however, since they didn't quite go with the shirt. Oh, and check out my lovely scarf that just came in the mail from Red Velvet last week, it'll probably get added to my Florida Music Festival accessories list!

necklace - Target (buy similar)
scarf (worn as bracelet) - Red Velvet (buy)
watch - Fossil (buy similar)
shirt - Urban Outfitters
blazer - Windsor (buy)
Mossimo pants and flats - Target

xo, Kellie

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