Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Faves

I see so many great things on the other blogs that I read and often find myself thinking "man, I really want to share this with others."

Well, here goes nothing ...

The Beautiful Mess girls have me drooling over camera bags:
 (image from A Beautiful Mess)

Amber plays with words over at Courtesy Laugh:
(image from Courtesy Laugh)

Kendi does cute nautical:
(image from Kendi Everyday)

I love Keira's graphic tee paired with a pleated skirt:
(image from A Pretty Penny)

And some things in my life that I've been loving:
OPI's Russian Navy / Eyeona app & website
a J. Crew cardigan I am coveting / a growing pup

What did you love this week?

xo, Kellie

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