Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up

My weekend started Friday night with (1) a belated holiday dinner for Matt's ship ... hosted on a boat, of all places. We headed to the Pearl afterwards where we ran into a (2) group of people inexplicably dressed like characters from Alice in Wonderland. I napped off my hangover (3) on the couch with Elwood Saturday afternoon and then headed into work for a carnival-themed event. They had (4) super cute centerpieces with popcorn containers and carnations meant to look like popcorn, and they also had (5) super cute photo opportunities, one of which I snagged one of my servers for. On Sunday I put on my best professional attitude to go to a (6) bridal show at Sawgrass Resort and Country Club, and afterwards Matt treated me to some (7) fried spring rolls and Blue Moon at Buddha's Belly.

Monday was my only day off this "weekend" (thanks, Dr. King!), but I made the most of it by squeezing in a few outfit photos and doing a little shopping, too. Now it's back to the grind until Sunday!

xo, Kellie

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