Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 Style Goal: Plan Ahead

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My third style goal for 2012 is to plan ahead.

I really stretched myself thin last year, especially once Elwood came into our household. On an average morning I would get up, take Elwood out, feed him and then sit with him, get ready for work -- which consisted of hair, makeup, picking out an outfit and getting dressed -- and then take apart the dining room to use it to shoot photos, take my outfit photos, put the dining room back together so as not to annoy Matt, choose a couple of photos from the shoot, edit them, write my post and publish it. So by 9 a.m. I was already exhausted and hadn't even made it into work yet.

Thanks to my vacation time falling at the end of last year and the beginning of this year, I was able to get into a new habit right from the beginning of 2012. Now I choose a day that I am off (and preferably when Matt isn't home because I do NOT like having an audience while taking photos) and I get up and do my hair and makeup like I would for a work day, I choose a few outfits if I haven't already picked them out the night before, and I shoot my outfits for the week. 

There are so many advantages to shooting my outfit photos this way:

1. I'm not rushed, so I have time to actually look in the mirror at what I'm wearing, decide whether it works, and try different options if necessary.

2. I don't have to clean up the dining room and edit photos and write a blog post all in a matter of 45 minutes. After I'm done with my photo shoot I can spend some time with Elwood, eat lunch, and then put clothes away and clean up the dining room at my own pace. Then later on in the day I'll start up a Netflix marathon (I'm currently still working on Angel) and take my time going through my photos and editing them.

3. I have time to really decide whether an outfit is worth posting. When I'm rushing to edit photos and get a blog post up, I don't take much time to stop and say "do I actually like this outfit? Do I like these photos?" When I plan ahead I have the luxury of looking at an outfit and saying "eh, I don't really like that, I'm not going to post that one." Then, not only do I not post the outfit, I DON'T WEAR IT EITHER! Then I don't have the regret of having worn an awful ensemble because I didn't have a chance to see what it looked like in photos.

4. I can plan for non-outfit-related posts. If I know ahead of time how many outfit posts I will publish for the week, then I have time to come up with something for the days that I don't post an outfit. I used to post more than once in a day if I had more than one blog post written, but now I save the posts (like this one, for example) for days that I don't have an outfit to share.

5. I can re-wear outfits on days I don't post. Let's face it, we're all creative, but unless you have a closet full of infinite clothing options, repeats are going to happen. And you know what? Some outfits are so awesome that I want to wear them again!

xo, Kellie

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