Monday, January 9, 2012

For Pleat's Sake!

Cardi- Ross; Sweater- Gifted; Skirt- Gifted; Owl- Gifted; Pink Belt- Thrifted; Black Flats- Steve Madden

This is what I'm working with... bear with me!

It is 74 bleepin' degrees ... seriously?! So forget the leggings, I'm showing my legs. I haven't worn this skirt in a while, and I usually pair brown with it. Today I thought I'd be adventurous and don my pink skinny belt; I like the effect! Though I wish I had a blazer ...

Hopefully it gets cold! I have yet to exhaust my winter wardrobe.
Off to class! --Jessica

 PS: After class (for which, after posting I traded the cream-colored cardi for a black Gap one), James informed me that our tripod does this: 

Who knew?

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