Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011: The Good

I'm getting on the recap bandwagon with a ... uh ... recap. My favorite outfits from 2011, from oldest to newest:

July 20th
 The Xhilaration dress I altered to be a shirt.

August 9th
 The dress that hung unworn for weeks at a time because I was saving it for a "special occasion."

August 22nd
 The birds dress from Francesca's that my shopping buddy Paula picked out.

August 26th
 The hand-me-down dress from my old roomie that I thought was too short to wear. But then it became a blouse!

August 29th
 A rare occurrence: Cute casual wear. Something to work on in 2012.

September 13th
 Pencil skirts were my best weapon this year.

October 19th 
 One of my favorite purchases this year, a color block dress from Urban.

October 30th
 Orange and blue to show my gator pride for the so-called World's Largest Cocktail Party.

November 17th
 An end to the mirror photos, and a short dress becomes a cute blouse for work!

December 8th
 Black and teal. Again, and again, and again ...

December 18th
 Literally taking a page from Real Simple Magazine for some inspiration and my last good work outfit of the year.

I had more outfits I didn't like than those I did this year, but Jess and I have only been style bloggers since May. I think we've learned a lot so far, and we'll have some fantastic posts for 2012! Stay tuned, I've got at least one more post for the year in me!

xo, Kellie


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