Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Obviously I have been wearing lots of clothes. And most of my outfits have been really cute. However, I get out of class at 9 o'clock four nights a week, and am not always the prettiest. I have yet to master the mirror shot like dear Kellie, so until then I have to wait until I can get James to snap a few wardrobe changes in a spare moment.

I realize in one of my more recent posts that I wore this Forever 21 black skirt; I promise I do not wear it with the frequency at which it is posted. 

 I took a break from my busy life to catch Eisley, one of my favorite bands. I went with my darling friend Bekah and her husband David, and bumped into my friend Lauren there, too. The Eisely sisters are style icons to me, their outfits were adorable!! It was a great show, even if it was a Monday.

More clothes soon!!! 
Happy Autumn, world.

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