Monday, August 15, 2011


Xhilaration dress - Target (buy) / Merona wedges - Target (buy) / belt - came with a dress
leaf charm from a Target necklace (buy similar) / watch - Fossil (buy)

I popped in to Target on my way to work on Saturday to pick up a new pair of black wedges to replace the pair that had worn out. I knew that this particular store had the shoes, because after weeks of looking for them I had spotted them the night before while on a grocery trip. (Yes, I go to Target a lot, my boyfriend says that I live there. Moving on ...) But somewhere between Friday night and Saturday afternoon a new pair of wedges, in the same style as the black pair, had been set out on the shelves. And they were red. I've secretly been wanting a pair of red shoes for a while, and although I had flats in mind, the wedges went perfectly with the outfit that I was wearing for work that night. Somewhat long story short, I walked out of Target with a new pair of red wedges and sour Jelly Bellies.

xo, Kellie


  1. I hope you still got the black ones! --Jess

  2. I'm actually waiting to buy the black ones, gotta behave myself at least a LITTLE bit. Hehe. - K