Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tapping Out

Okay, I quit. Let 16th-century Spanish Inquisitors torture me for giving up, but I can't keep remixing. Maybe I'm being a tad dramatic, so let me explain...

I made a few mistakes in the remix, the primary being in picking my pieces; I realized I chose outfits rather than interchangeable tops and bottoms. Sure, I could wear all my tops with my jeans, but I could only wear a couple of them with either pair of shorts, and only one shirt worked with the skirt I chose. Also, my dresses went with cardigans, but as it is dreadfully hot everyday, I didn't really wear the cardigans I chose. 

Which brings me to my next mistake: I didn't consider the weather, and my walk to class. I should have chosen a lot more warm-weather tops and shorts, and only a couple sweaters. I could have done without some of the intended date-night dresses, too.
Also, I have a torn meniscus on my right knee (surgery on July 19th, bummer), so a few of the shoes I picked ended up being uncomfortable and straining on my leg.

Long story short, for the next remix I plan to map out many of my outfits beforehand, and pick pieces that are a lot more cooperative with each other. I'll consider all the different situations I'll be in and the weather elements occurring. 
But for now, I miss the rest of my wardrobe, and can't muster the energy to match clothes that just don't match. I'm so proud of Kellie for going to 30 outfits, I look forward to the fall remix, and posting my last remix outfit (it was really cute).
Much love,
--Jessica Sunshine 

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