Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweater-Belting For Beginners

Kirra tank - PacSun (buy similar) / teal Mossimo cardigan - Target
navy Mossimo trousers - Target (buy) / Aerosoles wedges - TJ Maxx (buy similar)
jade bracelets - handmade (buy similar - receive 20% off when you  enter coupon code "movingowl")

I've tried doing the belt-over-the-sweater thing many, many times. Every time I end up feeling like it either looks forced or just doesn't look good, but I decided to just go for it today.

I'm currently down to 29 items because my black wedges officially saw their last use yesterday, but rather than using that as an excuse to sub in another item, I'm going to keep on trucking an item short.

Tomorrow is Friday. And pay day. And girls' night with Jess and Lisa. Win, win, win.

xo, Kellie

1 comment:

  1. Winning!! I like this, you're so colorful and printy and put-together! Such a change from sophomore year in college Kellie :) Gorgeous! --Jess