Saturday, July 16, 2011

The End is Nigh

dress - Loft / belt - Wet Seal / Aerosoles wedges - TJ Maxx
Wayra necklace - handmade (buy)

My black loft dress is a bit hard to style, the top is too cumbersome to wear anything over it and the v-neck isn't cut in a way that I can wear anything layered under it. So the only way to create options in styling this dress is with accessories. 

Girls' night with Jess and Lisa was a bit of a bust. Our favorite club downtown is full of unsavory people on Friday nights, and the club that we tried after the Pearl was hosting a goth night. They were nice folks, but it wasn't really our scene. Anyway, at least I didn't spend enough time in either bar to drink much, so I was hangover free this morning and able to do some more apartment shopping with Jess. I picked up some cleaning supplies, got a gorgeous jewelry hook at Pier One for an upcoming project, and found this guy:

I probably should have considered taking an oil sheet to my face before taking this photo, but oh well.

For anyone looking forward to my last remix outfit, don't. I'm feeling incredibly uninspired and will probably be too distracted by my move on Tuesday to come up with anything truly genius. But you know what? I made it! (Perhaps I should wait until after number 30 is posted to say that?)

xo, Kellie

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