Friday, July 29, 2011

Post Sick-Day

 Converse One Star blouse - Target (buy similar) / pencil skirt - Marshalls (buy similar)
belt - Wet Seal (buy similar) / Aerosoles wegdges - TJ Maxx (buy similar) / necklace - Windsor (buy) / watch - Fossil (buy)

I didn't go into work yesterday due to what seems to have been a stomach virus. I was exhausted from my night spent lying in bed on Wednesday wishing there was something in my stomach to actually throw up. How do you like that for over sharing?

Anyway, this is the outfit that I really wanted to wear when I wore this outfit. I think the camel belt and shoes add more interest to the ensemble. And apparently this one was a success, one of the maintenance guys on campus told me I looked "elegant" today. Interesting choice of words, but I'll take it.

Better return to work, don't want the servers to put the salads where the desserts go and the desserts where the salads go!

xo, Kellie

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