Friday, July 1, 2011

I Did It My Way

Confession: I'm having some serious difficulty with this remix. I am not used to planning my outfits, and I'm used to having a lot more to chose from. Plus, it's been averaging like 97 degrees here in the afternoon, and I didn't take the heat into account when I chose my pieces. So since this is my first remix, and I only have 25 items, I am taking a few creative liberties. Still using my pieces, but occasionally incorporating outside choices.

Case in point: this white lace shift dress (Old Navy) is a little big, so I like to belt it and wear a cardi with it. It was really hot on Wednesday and I have a bit of a walk to class, so I opted for this lightweight gray one from Forever 21. I know brown and gray don't technically go, but I liked this combo. Lots of jewelry and brown sandals completed the look. 

Also, I got my hair cut. I had bangs like this a few years ago. Glad to have them back! Thanks to Cameron at Paul Mitchell. 
Yay weekend! --Jessica Sunshine 

1 comment:

  1. I think the brown and gray look great! And I'm glad that I'm not alone in the 30 for 30, because I'm starting to have trouble with it too! Ahh. We'll get through it though!