Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sometimes You Can't Be So Sweet

Every now and then, I use the beginning of a month as a prompt to start a mini self-improvement project. In April, I gave up fast food for the whole month. May was devoted to not getting Starbucks (or other coffees), which turned out to be a HUGE money saver! Those $2 mistos add up quick! 
July is going to be my biggest undertaking: I'm cutting out sugar and sweets for all 31 days. I'm allowing fruit, Splenda, and sugar-free Jello and Popsicles, but other than that, it's all adios. I've done this for 2 weeks before, but I've never made it an entire month, so it should be interesting. 
Why, might one ask, am I bringing this up in my fashion blog? Besides the health benefit that may accrue from eliminating the sweets, I have an ulterior motive: I have an adorable dress that I very much want to be able to wear again, and hope this will be the little nudge that gets me there. With Kellie also getting fit, I'm sure you will see some super-hot E&O girls by the end of the month! 
Wish me luck! --Jessica Sunshine 
Linen shift dress I got from Wolfgang a few years ago, I found this in my closet recently and am determined to wear it again.


  1. I'm going to try to eat all of my dark chocolate and drink all of my daiquiri mix before July so I can do it with you! -K

  2. Daiquiris!! oh, the thought. We can do this! For health, and for fashion! -Jess