Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh Zoe You Didn't!!

A bathing suit is something every girl struggles with. I don't have Heidi's body, but I'm not Grendel, so I have been searching for a sexy one-piece that shows off my figure while letting me accept my "flaws". And I found one! It's from Old Navy (of all places)-- a retro one-piece eggplant-colored ruched halter. It also gives me a lot of out-of-the-water style freedom: I can dress it up with a sarong and espadrilles or throw some shorts over it with some casual sandals.
Rachel would probably toss these $198 Missoni jelly sandals my way for easy poolside kicks; I thought I'd try to find a similar pair I can take to the water. These bedazzled flip flops from Rue 21 ($7!) go with my suit and fulfill my Zoe challege.

 Though coral being my color this season, I might black out and somehow end up with the Missoni ones... funny how that happens. 

On another note, I thought the Soothsayer Turban from Anthropologie ($178) would be one of the hardest to replicate, but thanks to Kellie's relentless web-surfing (that's what the kids are calling it these days, right?) I'm looking to Honestly...WTF's DIY turband link to help me out. It'll be something fun to do tonight instead of homework :)

Yay for Tuesday, which is 3 days away from Friday! Everyone send some rain towards our fair city, this smoke is cramping our style. 
--Jessica Sunshine

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