Monday, June 20, 2011

Exhausted, but still cute. (I think.)

 Ever have one of those days that you think will be just a normal, easy work day, and then it ends up being anything but? I got to work an hour earlier than I usually do, thought that things were under control and running smoothly, and then BAM! Stuff got crazy. Despite the madness, I managed to look presentable and was even complimented a couple of times on my outfit! I'm glad I remembered that we had a VIP event today, I almost went the comfy route and wore pants and flats.

Today I managed to wear both the belt that I just bought and the teal Mossimo cardigan that I switched in to my 30 items in exchange for one of my black cardigans. I wore them with my floral Kirra tank from PacSun, black pencil skirt from Marshalls, camel Aerosoles wedges that I scored from TJ Maxx (buy similar), and accessorized with my layered Private Gallery necklace.

Well, I'm going to keep things short. This girl is tired!
xo, Kellie

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