Friday, June 3, 2011

Louvre Me Friday

I was at work for an entire three hours this morning, but I had to blog my outfit, so I couldn't slack off! Since it was yet another easy day, I once again focused more on comfort than on dressing up.

I paired my favorite navy blue Mossimo pants with a black lace cami from Maurices and a green cardigan from Target. I've had this cardigan since I became a manager at my job (over two years ago!) and it's still holding up nicely! Jessica might recognize my necklace, I wonder if she's realized that I had it! I believe she got if from Forever 21, but it's been about four years since I borrowed it from her. The bracelet is thrifted.

I got done early with day two of my job training yesterday, so I used the extra time to stop by Nail Spa and get an OPI Axxium manicure. I picked Louvre Me, Lovre Me Not, and when I got outside and saw the sun sparking off of the bits of shimmer in the polish I fell in love with the color! I also can not say how much I love Axxium, the manicure lasts me about a week-and-a-half even when I'm at work banging my nails around on pans of food, carts and dishes!

Have a Louvrey weekend!
xo, Kellie


  1. yeah, I had no idea that was mine. Funny thing, though: I made one just like it in silver, minus the pearl. Might have to go back and add some embellishment.. --Jess

  2. That's funny! I think Sam borrowed it from you forever ago and I ended up with it ... I have a hot glue gun if you want to add anything to your necklace. We can do craft night/day! - K