Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's only Wednesday.

 For the second week in a row I hopped out of bed Wednesday morning convinced that it was Thursday. (And by "hopped" I mean I flung off the covers, groaned, and shuffled toward the bathroom.) Imagine my dismay -- two weeks in a row -- when reality set in and I realized that I hadn't even gotten over the hump yet.

I panicked last night as I was doing a mental inventory of my 30 for 15 Remix items, going over what outfits I had already worn, when I couldn't think of a tenth outfit to wear. "How do these girls make it THIRTY DAYS," I thought to myself, "if I can't even make it to ten!" Both my black and teal cardigans were being washed at the time, and therefore wouldn't be ready in the morning because I do not put my sweaters in the dryer. But then I looked into my closet at my special remix section and saw my obnoxious pink Victoria's Secret button-down blouse. I paired it with my black pencil skirt from Marshalls, a faux animal skin belt that very well could have come with the aforementioned skirt, and my black Merona wedges. Since I'm obsessed with pairing shades of pink with turquoise I accessorized with my newest handmade piece, a four-layer turquoise and silver beaded necklace.

Alas, Wednesday has come and gone, and tomorrow morning I will wake up certain that it's Friday. In the meantime, I leave you with a song:

(I met these guys when a friend of mine was tour managing for them, they are incredibly nice dudes!)

Happy Hump Day!
xo, Kellie


  1. okay, honestly, i'm glad i'm not the only one. what IS it with summertime wednesdays? seriously. they're totally thursday-posers. either way, love the bright red here. hang in there...when you "hop" out of bed tomorrow, it WILL be thursday! hooray for us both!
    -brittney (fellow 30x30 remixer; come on by if you'd like!)

  2. Knowing my luck I'll wake up and think it's Friday in the morning! Oh, and to make matters worse, I work this Saturday. Three work days to go ... Happy remixing! -K