Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's a Man's World

One of the drawbacks of being 5'9" is that I will have to excuse myself from wearing many articles of clothing. I hung up my romper when I lost my first baby tooth, I have a difficult time finding shorts that don't either show my cha-cha or make me look like an AARP member, and I don't get away with the heels-everywhere nonchalance that my shorter ladies have. 
However, the benefits of being 5'9" far outweigh those disadvantages. When I do wear heels, I usually get what I want; I can sneak a shorter hemline and blame it on my legs, and I can wear certain guy clothes with great success. 

Case in point-- I got ready for class yesterday at my fiancee's condo, and had an outfit planned until I saw a black button down in his closet. I tried it on and, after rolling up the sleeves, loved how the Slim Fit style hugged my curves. I paired it with an old pair of Old Navy jeans; they're too big on me, so I kept with the "boyfriend" style and rolled the cuffs. I added pointy black flats for some girlie-ness, as well as a crafted pair of gold-and-green beaded earrings and my previously featured leaf ring. (I didn't have the specific gold necklace I wanted or I'd have worn that, too.)

Shirt- Banana Republic; Jeans-Old Navy; Shoes- Target

Outfits like this (the picture really doesn't do it justice, I felt quite nice in it) have helped me come to terms with my frame through the years. I like to catalog them away for days when I'm not feeling so hot. 
To all the tall girls (and everyone else) --Jessica Sunshine

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