Friday, June 17, 2011

I am not a Gleek ...

 ... However, I did see last night's episode, and I think my outfit would fit in quite well with the rest of the cast's wardrobe for their My Chemical Romance number. Today was another easy Friday (surprise!) so I opted for something less dressed up. My Guess button-down from TJ Maxx is another article that I found at the store, tried on, loved, put back, kept thinking about after leaving the store, and eventually went back and purchased. I layered it over a black lace cami to add a feminine touch to the outfit and paired it all with my favorite trousers. (Mossimo, navy blue, not denim!) I accessorized with one of my handmade necklaces. (See it on my Etsy.)

After work I stopped by Hobby Lobby where I easily spent $60, and my non-best-friend Scotti and I had a craft night with Mellow Mushroom pizza and strawberry daiquiris. We made these thread and chain bracelets that I found a how-to for on Honestly ... WTF:

The weekend is finally here! Who else plans to sleep in? 
xo, Kellie

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  1. I want those bracelets, but in a necklace!! Yay accessories!!!!! -Jess