Sunday, June 26, 2011

Here Comes the Sun

Sometimes when I'm having a really crappy day (or week) a nice outfit can help lift my spirits. On days that I'm taking a test I always try to look exceptionally suave (upcoming remix outfit) and some days when I just don't think I can make it to work, I shun my usual nanny duds and opt for something a little more inciting. 
While this outfit isn't in my remix collection, I had to post it for the good vibes I got from it. Call me silly, but it's true. I snapped this quick pic before work, so forgive the blur. The skirt was given to me by my grandma as a "just because" present sooo many years ago (I hardly ever get rid of my clothes). It's a calming chocolate brown with a pretty cream-colored flower embroidery on the hem. The top was commandeered from an old roommate. The smoke has finally cleared in Jax, so the light blue tank matched the sky and further promoted feelings of good cheer. 
Hope everyone else is feeling fantastic, too! --Jessica Sunshine

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