Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Great Hummingbird Rescue

 black dress - Loft (buy similar) / black belt (came with a shirt) - Windsor
turquoise bangle - Casa Rodriguez in St. Augustine (buy similar) / watch - Fossil (buy)
 Litonya necklace - Etsy (buy)

I'm going to use last night's format again, it made things so easy!

Today I:
- worked 11 hours.
- made the most bizarre delivery of my catering career.
- made $30 bartending an event where I only served five drinks. (I'm that good.)
- rescued a hummingbird from certain death by trampling.

So I went to the Starbucks on campus to pick up my daily latte (free 'Bucks happens to be one of my job perks!), and as I was leaving I saw something on the ground. At first I just thought it was trash, but then I realized that whatever it was, it seemed to be heaving. A closer inspection showed that it was a hummingbird lying on the ground, presumably stunned from crashing into the mirrored windows overhead. I pointed the bird out to a couple of the girls working at the coffee shop, and one of them bravely scooped up the bird and placed it in a nearby plant while I kept an eye out for anyone that might trample the poor thing. In honor of my brave hummingbird friend, I named the necklace that I finished last night "Litonya," which apparently is a Native American word for "darting hummingbird."

Hope your day was eventful, too!
xo, Kellie & Litonya

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