Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday the 13th & The Last Hurrah

Black Poppy tank (PacSun) / My Lola skirt (Ross) / black cardigan (Maurices)
layered necklace and black belt (Windsor - buy similar necklace)

It's been a long day. I woke up early to blog (despite not going to bed until around 2 a.m. the night before) then got up and worked an almost twelve-hour day. But now that I've gotten home, cleaned my room, did some laundry and have got some Bayside playing, I'm ready for a reset. And I have an internet pact to make with you all.

Almost six months ago my boyfriend left for deployment on the USS Halyburton for an anti-piracy mission. We had been dating about eight months when he left, and I had put on a bit of weight. I hear that happens when people settle into relationships. Anyway, I figured him being gone for seven months would be a perfect time for me to get in shape, get my eating habits back on track, and lose some weight. I mean, wouldn't it be an awesome welcome back surprise for him to come back to a fit girlfriend? I started off strong, but then I started slacking. It got too hot, it got too smokey, I was too tired from work ... My excuses dragged on.

So here's the thing: I'm putting this on the web for you all to see, in hopes that if people are keeping me on task, if complete strangers have been made aware of my goal, perhaps I'll find some motivation that's been lacking lately. I'm having a "last hurrah" as I blog with a Coke Icee and my favorite Lifesaver Gummies Sours, and tomorrow I need to start putting better things into my body and putting down the beads and the blog long enough to get some exercise. Anybody care to join me? 

The countdown starts now: 39 days.

xo, Kellie

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