Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Confession: I ♥ Purple

You may have noticed something else about me by now. I wear purple pretty often, and it's not by coincidence. About a year ago my boyfriend asked me what my favorite color was and I automatically responded "green" despite the fact that I was wearing purple Ray Bans, a plum tank top (see my post from yesterday), had an iPhone with a purple case in my pocket, and was standing at a rack of clothes admiring a purple shirt. He's an observant one, isn't he? Anyway, I finally owned up to my love for purple. I'm not really sure why I was denying it in the first place.

I really love this lavender dress from Private Gallery. It's a perfect length for work, it drapes nicely in the front, and the cut is just right to give me a little bit of cleavage -- something I am almost never able to obtain. And I don't care what some girls say, it's nice to have a little something going on! I bought the layered necklace at the same time I bought the dress, intending to pair the two together, which I have done every time I have worn the dress so far. Perhaps I should try to mix things up a bit.

Two work days down, two more to go! Jess and I will be announcing a fun project soon, so stay tuned!

xo, Kellie

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