Thursday, June 9, 2011

Betsey All Over

Thursdays are inventory days for me, which usually means it's a pants day because I'm moving boxes around and unpacking things. I ended up wearing a bit of a subdued color palette today, but I think it still worked. 

 The charcoal ankle pants are Old Navy, the zip-up tank came from a Charlotte Russe outlet, and I picked up the sweater for $6 at Target. I decided to top it all off with my layered Betsey Johnson necklace and Betsey Johnson animal print heart earrings. My non-best-friend Scotti gave me the earrings for Valentine's Day, she's awesome!

Two more days until Jess and I post our first project!

xo, Kellie

PS - Today's blog title is a reference to this song
(The guy in the vest that's lip-syncing half of the vocals is not actually the second vocalist. It bugs me, I hope it will now bug you, too.)


  1. Oh, whatever happened to the girl who didn't wear prints? This outfit is FIERCE!!

  2. Thanks darling! Like how I worked a "party" shirt into a work outfit? Tee-hee. -K