Monday, May 30, 2011

Love Me Some Glitter

Over the winter I had my nails a vibrant red that's chock-full of glitter (before Christmas), and a combo of Ulta's Love My Blackberry topped with a black glitter top coat by Revlon (on into February).

For summer, I needed something a little less dark, but I didn't want to shelve my sparkle. After a little experimenting and lot of nail polish remover, I found the perfect summer glitter combo: Essie's Tart Deco and Ulta's Diva, a soft pink color chock FULL of glittery bits. (Ulta isn't featuring the color on their site, so until manicure pics go up, this Essie color is the best) Coral is a quintessential summer hue, and the pink softens it while adding the shimmer I adore. 
Of course, summer is also the time to play with insanely bright shades, so once this mani chips, I'm off to seek a powder blue to match my new sunglasses. I also may steal a page out of Kellie's book and try a purple, as I've been loving her lavender tips. 
As it's not even June, I see a colorful summer ahead
-- Jessica Sunshine

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