Saturday, October 20, 2012


necklace - gift from Barcelona (buy similar)
Ralph Lauren Polo vest (originally a jacket) - Goodwill (buy similar)
maxi dress - local surf shop (buy similar)
Mossimo sandals - Target

Jacksonville is a big city. Actually, it's the biggest city in the country by square mile. The city has many different, distinct areas, and the people who frequent the bars and restaurants in those areas are equally as distinct. The plan last night was to go out in Jacksonville Beach, and as soon as I got to the first bar I realized that I was dressed more like I should have been in Riverside, the area close to downtown. The funny thing about the beach is that a lot of the people at the bars are from in town ("townies") and the girls get dressed up. In my relaxed dress and denim vest, I felt frumpy and out of place. Is this part of growing up, or something? Because I'm not crazy about it.

I'm going out tonight to the Riverside area tonight, and dammit, I am DRESSING UP!

xo, Kellie

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