Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Four Seashell DIYs: Centerpieces

My second seashell DIY is probably the easiest one in the bunch! Today I'm showing you how to add some summer flair to your home with seashell centerpieces.

Supplies needed:
- Sand (packaged or collected from the beach)
- Vase
- Pillar candle
- Seashells

Try to stay with me, here, because this is tricky. First, (1) place the pillar candle inside of the vase. Then (2-3) pour your sand around the candle until it's at the level you want it. You may need to gently shake the vase around to get the sand even all around. Lastly, (4) place the seashells around the pillar candle. I used a metal kabob skewer to make sure my shells were right where I wanted them since they fit very snugly between the candle and the edges of the vase.

You can also make a similar centerpiece without the candle, how cool do those shells look inside of a small fishbowl?

Happy decorating!

xo, Kellie

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